Elect Dale Carter

In 2030, Blue Springs will celebrate its 150th anniversary. What will Blue Springs look like in 2030? How will we handle the opportunities and the challenges? My answer: The Future Starts Now.

Here are some big ideas that will move our city forward:

1. Development revitalization. A proactive plan to market Blue Springs and take advantage of a surge in manufacturing jobs. Let’s make Faurecia the first example of how we’ll move our economy: jobs and opportunities for our future graduates and more shopping and service businesses for our residents. We also need to work hard to retain the businesses we have!

2. Development of the 104 acres at Adam’s Dairy Parkway and I-70 overlooking Lake Remembrance. Several developers have tried. Let’s make it our mission to create a mixed-use development that includes a boardwalk and sit-down restaurants overlooking the lake.

3. Support the merging of CJC and Prairie Township Fire Districts. All of Blue Springs should enjoy the fire protection and EMS service that most of Blue Springs has. The city has taken a big step by granting land on the south side for a fire station. Let’s go the rest of the way by supporting a merger.

4. Move the city from the L7 to the L6 Lagers Retirement package. To get and retain the best city employees, we have to have a better benefits package.

5. As rail grows in Kansas City, we’ll work with other city leaders, MARC and ranking member of the House Transportation Committee, Sam Graves, to make commuter rail a real possibility. Imagine the growth of Downtown Blue Springs when commuter rail happens.

How will we achieve these goals? On day one, we will adopt COOPERATION and COLLABORATION as our motto in Blue Springs. There is nothing we cannot achieve if we work together for the benefit of our city.

I will appoint a council liaison to the other taxing districts (School District, Fire Protection Districts, etc.) and make sure we open the lines of communication. I will develop a Blue Springs Leadership Council, inviting representatives from all the major stakeholders to quarterly meetings to further open those lines of communication. I will institute a complete review of all boards, commissions and the Blue Springs Municipal Court to make sure we are serving the citizens of Blue Springs to the best of our ability. I will call for a review of the Comprehensive Plan and Unified Development Code to make sure we are competitive with other cities.

When we have achieved the best possible working relationship with all of the stakeholders in Blue Springs, I will ask for complete buy-in from all parties to pass an Internet Use Tax so we can capture the city portion of internet sales that we aren’t currently getting. As costs go up (better retirement plan for workers and concrete for the street overlay program to name two) and internet sales continue to grow, the city will need this revenue stream to function.

When JFK committed the United States to a mission to the moon in 1961, he said it would be completed within a decade. He said we choose to do this not because it’s easy, but because it’s hard! We can do everything I’ve laid out and more if we’ll get out of our silos and work together to move our city forward!